Monkeys, piglets, Realborns and baby kits at new rock bottom prices!


I do still have he’s awake. The s/h to your area is $12. Just send me your email address if you want him and I’ll send you an invoice. Thanks for asking!


I still have kits by BB that I’d planned to keep, but if you are looking for something specific I can check and see if I have one I can part with. I’m adding a few to the list of for sale kits today and maybe you’d be interested in some of them? I appreciate your asking!


I just updated the list of kits for sale and added a few more. Let me know if you are wanting any of them and I’ll be glad to figure out postage if you give me your zip.


Would you happen to have Pearl or Kiwi unpainted version?


@Phassell Sorry, I don’t.


Hey! I’m looking for 2 kits with bodies. Same kit but one asleep and one awake. Any chance you have something like that? I’m planning on making “twins” :heart:


Some of the Realborn kits look so much alike you could probably make a really nice set of twins with awake and asleep versions of different kits. I don’t usually like the way they all look the same, but it lends itself to making twins really well! I don’t have what you need, but I’ll bet you could find two that look enough alike to make a good set of twins.


You’re right about that! I found some :blush: Thank you!!


@2layz Do you still have Thistle? Is it an unpainted kit?
EDIT: and a petal reborn kit?


Do you ship to canada? If so, Is petal still available? And what would shipping be?


I’ve got both…will double check but I’m pretty sure they are both still in there. Both are unpainted although I do have one factory painted Petal too.


Sorry but I only ship to continental USA addresses.


Okay. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


I’m sorry!


Its fine :slight_smile:


Ok well if you have them both unpainted I’d like to get them.
Zip is 93003


Postage will be $14 so the total will be $64. I can send you a PP invoice if you message me your email. Thank you!


Perfect thank you. I’ll Pm my info