Monkeys, piglets, Realborns and baby kits at new rock bottom prices!


Just sent your invoice. Thank you!


List updated as of 7-19. Ask if you have any questions. I’ll reply asap!


Paid! Thank you :black_heart:


Thank you too. I’ll mail tomorrow and send you shipping info when I have it.


@Robys413 Your package was mailed this morning but just now back with wifi after a big storm so I can give you info. Tracking is 9505 5112 6573 8201 2599 63 and it’s expected to arrive on Monday. Thank you, and enjoy!


Awesome thank you so so much!!!


How much for Thistle to 38332


Just checked and postage for Thistle to your area is $12. Please let me know if you want him.


I’m interested in a couple. PM sent.


Yes. PayPal


Great, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. If paid by that morning, I’ll ship him on Monday. Thanks!


Payment sent


Thank you, will get your box packed and mail on Monday. Will give you mailing details when I have them.


Do you have any monkey kits left?


I do. The listed ones are still available. Just let me know if you are interested in any of them.


Ok so 1 cici, 1 bindi, 1bikini. How much total would that be


That would be $75 plus postage. If you would send me your zip I can figure out how much it would cost to ship and give you the final total.


@342jda I mailed your box yesterday and it should arrive by tomorrow. Tracking is 9505 5112 6572 8204 2824 71. Thank you so much!


Do you still have he’s awake and what would it be to ship to 30165


Which bb or realborn kits do you have available? You said you have some not posted?