Monkeys, piglets, Realborns and baby kits at new rock bottom prices!


Paid. Thank you!


Thank you so much. Will get them to the post office tomorrow!


Hey Ann! Can I get 1 of your Kamekos and also 1 of your Clyde awakes? You don’t happen to have any Biracial open eyed kits do you?


You sure can. Sorry, no BR kits available. I can figure postage if you send me your zip.


Darn but that’s okay. I will PM you now.


Just realized only one of my Clyde Awake kits has a COA. If you need one it’s yours but I need to revise the listing accordingly asap


I don’t need it. :wink:


Thanks, fixed the listing and sent your invoice!


All paid! Thanks!


Will get them both packed and ship tomorrow. Thank you!


@Kate and @Phassell your kits are on their way! I mailed them yesterday but just now had time to PM you both with the shipping details. Thank you again!


Just updated the list to show the kits that are remaining. Hope you can find something you need!


Is Thistle painted?:slight_smile:


No the Thistle kit I have listed is unpainted.


List has been updated as of 7-18. Let me know if there is something you would like to order!


Shipping to 44057 for Fei Yen?


Shipping is $10 for Fei Yen. Shipping costs usually go down per kit if you buy more than one though. Thank you for asking.


Ok how about total cost for 1 Clyde with body and Fei yen?


I can do both for $75…no additional postage for the second kit. If you are interested just send me your email address so I can send you an invoice.


Thank you!