Mom came up for the week and made her first baby!

Now that’s sweet, making a baby with mom You tell mom she did an excellent job for her very first baby!!!

your mother is beautiful and so is her baby,

I would so like to share this hobby with someone right here. I look forward everyday to sharing with you ladies. My friend at work bought a kit and hoplefully will like doing this. I am loaning her all my paints etc so she can give it a try. I so hope she loves it.


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Bountiful Baby

i wanna see and i can’t the links go to nothing…and when i got to photo bucket and put it in the search it says image has been moved or deleted…
help…i wanna see…

Your baby sister is precious!!! Your mom did a wonderful job on her. what is your sisters name? I hope you and her are able to continue to reborn together.