Hello everyone,
I am wanting to make little babies from polymer clay…I would like to know if anyone have used polymer clay doll molds?
I am looking to use them to start out and then create my own as I go, I have never made a polymer clay doll…


hi I have seen molds for sale on e-bay before-might check there have a great day

Patricia Rose, is a lady who sculpts everything from fairies, to babies,and more. She sells from her studio molds and supplies and has video’s on you tube. She used to sell on e-bay but now I think she only sells out of her studio. Here is a link to one of her video’s. Just google her name for more info. I have used molds and have some of her baby and fairy molds that are larger with armitures in them. I plan to be working on them this spring. You can get the basic idea’s from her videos.

Here you go:

@ Diane, I checked out her website and I like the dolls she has on there…I plan to place a order for a doll mold by Friday…it is hard to decide which one…which one do you recommend?

I have just looked at some of the molds on her site. I don’t want to influence you on what kind of doll you want to start out with. Not knowing what size you’re looking for I went to her sight and here are a couple of links that would be of interest I think. The plastic molds are the less expensive for a beginner, it just depends on you.
Take a look at some of these…
4molds of a baby with CD for making a baby link: Tutorials: