As a recent devote’ to reborning I am spending a great deal of time looking for things and spending a great deal of money! Who cares, I can’t take it with me and I’m worth it. (I think, maybe) …Where is everyone getting a selection of mohair in different textures and colors? I’d like some curly and slightly wavy and everyting in between in a few colors. I have bought 17 kits now so I need to get serious about completing some. That big room I’m getting is almost done and the kids are already running for the hills from the barage of country music I promised to run them out with so…I need to start finding some mohair. I love my 8 kids and various grandbabies, but I need some time to myself and just mentioning another baby (real or not) chases the teenagers to another county so I will have all that wonderful space to myself, just as soon as the controllers to the Xbox mysteriously develop mechancial difficulties. Tee Hee!


I have been getting mine from Angelas817 here on the forum. Her web address is

I just LOVE her hair!

Good luck!


Carolyn - sugargliderus also on this forum sells wonderful mohair.


There was a poll here a few months ago and 73 people took part. Not me, I hadn’t rooted yet. Carolyn (Sugarglidrus on this forum) was first with 31%. I used her medium brown on my siggy. I cut the straightest part off and have some lovely curly part left, which I will also use. She has some for sale now that is lighter in color, but about the same amount of curl as what I used.

Second place was Ellen of Slumberland (26%) and I’m sure somewhere can tell you how to find her. Angela817 on this forum has with 17.7 percent and Delta Dawn was at 9% (theirs is very expensive I believe). I’m going to try to get some to try.

Some of these percentages may not be about quality, but amount availability and of course price.

After rooting two heads I’m willing to pay more to get the best and I’m very pleased with Carolyn’s mohair. I used another brand which was nice and I didn’t get it from any one on the poll. It was a bargain due to mixed colors and shorter length and rather curly.


I have received Carolyn’s hair aka sugarglider, Susan’s hair aka smrnagel , Slumberlands, Dawn of Delta Dawn, and Angela’s at

In my opinion the 2 best are Dawn and Angela. Angela’s is a lot more affordable and just as good or better than any premium mohair you can get. She is super fast to process orders too.



I LOVE Carolyn’s mohair !! The 1st time I used it my rooting improved
100% There is NO waste and I get it in 2 days.
If she doesn’t have what you want she will process it for you.
Carolyn AND her mohair are wonderful


aw thanks to those of you who voted for my mohair. I dont have as much time to process with Alayah into everything but if someone PM me with a request I try to do it as fast as I can.


Carolyn, (sugargliderus) has WONDERFUL mohair. She has done two special order colors for me, is quick and friendly and communicates well and the price is right. Her hair rooted great with almost no waste and was not brittle or dry. !


Carolyn through this forum Sugargliderus (sp?) is awesome…I’m relatively new also, and she has been so helpful to me and her mohair is soft and beautiful.



My biggest problem i wind up buying from several people and then i forget who sold me what? Dunno!