Mohair #'s


Out of curiosity… I always just order mohair in either yearling or adult unless it’s for a very small infant Reborn, but I always noticed that there are numbers and letters next to the hair that is for sale? I know it’s a silly question but in all the time I have been rooting hair I have never asked what these numbers and letters stand for? Like for example I just seen some hair that was marked yearling Bella 7NNN?? What does 7N mean? Lol


That is most likely the seller’s code; Bella would be the name of the goat, and the numbers or letters, might be just dye lot/batch etc.


Oh okay… So kind of like just a system whereas instead of me saying, I want this dark brown, I can say I want the dark brown 7n? I can dig it LOL … Thanks :slight_smile:


But the dye lots will be only small; I do not think many people who process mohair for reborns do it in bulk. Unless you try to re-order immediately, they may not have the same dye lot left. I guess it would not hurt to say something like “I have from you some mohair, which was marked as Bella, yearling, 7n dark brown, do you have any more of it left?”

MohairMohtique, usually have about one - two ounces in the same dye lot; they divide them into 1/4 oz to sell.

I have once dyed together 2 lots of natural,almost white, mohair. One came out a perfect light brown, exactly the shade I was aiming for. The other, came out slightly darker and with red undertones. They were done in the same time, in the same pot, both bundles went in together, their strings tied together into one big bundle.


I’m guessing @ludmila is right on. It might also be a breeding code. Many farmers who have more than just a few goats as pets will number/code the kids that are born in the spring.

Everyone has their own coding syestems- what you’re describing seems specific to the supplier :blush:


I am not sure this is a reply, but I do have a question on mohair. Which brand, in the opinions of the reborners on this board, is the best. I know at least one time BB said theirs had been known to stain the baby. I am leary of that happening, if I work on a head of hair and it is all ruined. So, I am wondering which mohair others use. Also, how do I know which size, number of barbs, rooting needs should I purchase? Do I need different sizes for different parts of the head? Thanks for any help. I really do appreciate it.


Here’s a recent thread with lots of info and photos:

There are many great suppliers. If you’d like to check out mine you can find it here :blush:

(I’ll have more mohair to post this weekend.)

You shouldn’t need multiple needles for the same head, but sometimes a certain needle will work better with a certain type of hair. For really thin hair like kid or alpaca you’d want a 43 or 46 guage needle with only one barb. For yearling or adult I’m a fan of 43 gauge “crown” which has 3 barbs. I sell a variety pack on my site if you’d like to try out different options.

If you click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page you can search for topics relating to your questions. There’s tons of great information here! :blush:

Feel free to message me with any other questions.


Lasting image reborn hair is a really good site to order hair off of. As the woman who runs the shop is extremely extremely helpful and without her help I probably wouldn’t be able to route as well as I do LOL she actually helped me out so much in the beginning with what I should know that she actually sent me different kinds of hair samples so I would be able to see and feel the difference, labeled them all for me and sent me a variety of rooting needles to try out and explain to me the gauges and what not. She was extremely helpful and these tutorials that I see somebody else’s left for you are also extremely helpful :slight_smile: it’s a process but eventually we all catch up on lol :slight_smile: good luck