Mohair before rooting versus after

I read a post, recently, but cant remember which one where an artist said that a customer was unhappy with the hair color on the finished doll. I wanted to show this because it’s probably why a customer can get confused. Batches of mohair look way darker than when it is rooted and this might need to be explained to them. For those who do customs maybe root a little of each color on a test head to show a true representation of the color? This color is baby brown with a hint of chestnut. It roots very light.


Wow!!! What a difference!!!

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So true!

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Great advice

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Wow I’m almost wondering if the dye was not set properly on the hair because the hair on the doll looks pale blonde!
Yes you are correct it does root lighter.

That’s an awesome idea, it’ll hopefully cut done the frustration on both sides.

I love your painting!!!:heart_eyes: Great job on the rooting!!

The dye is set perfectly - no run off or staining. When the hair is sprayed and combed it looks a couple shades darker than the picture above. But, I always found Baby Brown to root a medium blonde no matter who produced it.