Mohair advise. Pinkish orange how 2 fix?

I use the dry fabric dye from any supermarket or store- ritz I think.

Sprinkle a small amt. into a bowl of very hot water, mix and dip the hair with a fork and rinse until you have the color you want. make sure you rinse totally when you are finally done.

who knows what color it will make though.

you could make some very strong coffee or tea…and let the hair sit for a while in it…not sure what color it would come out since it’s already pinkish/orange…but it’s cheap and worth a try…you can always dye over it if you don’t like the outcome

good luck

blue/green Kool-aid should make it brown (check it on color wheel), I found these instructions:

I would recommend using the stove top rather than microwave so to avoid possibly scorching the mohair.

At $50/per ounce…send it back!!! You did not get what you paid for if you have to change the color.

I think I know about this, it is not a realistic color, if it is what I saw. I would send it back right away! She gives you a time limit to return, if this is the same one I’m thinking about. Just explain to her how you feel and she should let you return it. I would not even think about trying to re-dye that color, I doubt if it would ever look natural. For that price I would just return it.

At that price I would return it. Should you choose to dye it yourself, the only one of the methods recommended above that I can tell you is definitely color safe would be the tea dye. However, that dyes the mohair blond and the longer you leave it in the more yellow blond you get. If your mohair is not too orange it might give you a strawberry blond because I had some mohair that I first dyed red and it came out pinkish then I put it in a tea bath and it came out strawberry blond.

As far as other dye methods, I have used the acid dye and like it but also human hair dye works fine and I use it a lot of the time.
Here are some instructions:

How to dye mohair:

You will need:

glass baking dish

wire cookie racks

Humectress or Suave Humectant conditioner (both work equally well)

human hair dye

Saran wrap

To Dye:

I use the Clairol Balsam hair color because I find the browns do not have a red hue to them. The mohair will usually look a shade lighter once rooted. For example, light brown usually looks almost blond, medium brown usually looks light brown and dark brown looks between medium to dark brown. You can use any brand you like though.

I can usually do about 1 oz with 1 box of color. Mix the dye according to the package directions. Take a lock/section of mohair and squirt the dye down the length of it and then gently work it into the lock with your fingers until it is coated. You want to work the dye in but gently. Lay the piece into the glass dish. Proceed on until you have used up the dye. Now cover the glass dish with saran wrap and leave alone for at least 2 hours. You can start checking the hair to see if it is ready after 2 hours but it usually takes at least that long and sometimes longer. It usually takes mine 2-4 hours depending on the color I am using. You have to get past the purple or green base tone (depending on the dye color you are using) before you will reach your actual color tone. If it looks purple or green it needs to stay on longer. If you can’t tell just by looking at the hair, take a small strand out and rinse it in HOT water and then see what color it is.

Once your mohair is to the color you want, start rinsing out small strands in HOT water. Always use HOT water or the mohair will felt. Rinse it in water until the water runs clear. Try not to break up the locks too much or tangle them but rinse them out good and gently squeeze your mohair lock out .

Once rinsed, saturate the strand in conditioner. You can also use the conditioner that comes in the package but I find it is never enough for me and the Humectant type works really well. I use the Suave. I like to lay each piece aside coated in conditioner to set a minute and then once they are all coated go back to the pieces I started with and start rinsing the conditioner out in HOT water. You want to rinse most of the conditioner out but not until the hair feels dry. Gently squeeze your mohair lock out and lay it on a cookie cooling wire rack to dry.

Leave all the conditioned/rinsed mohair on the racks in a warm place overnight to dry. I set mine in my utility room because I have a gas water heater in there and it is really warm.

Once the mohair is completely dried, you can comb out the locks with a wide tooth comb. Comb in the direction the hair grows so as to best untangle it. You can kinda feel it will be smoother in one direction than the other. Combing out the mohair takes time and patience. Some people don’t comb theirs out, they just sort of pull it apart as they root it and you can do that too. Either way, any remaining debris (if you started with raw) will fall out as you go.

Angie, that is the best instructions on how to dye mohair I have ever read…thanks for sharing that! I have dyed alpaca and though It went well as far a the dyeing process in color, I had a mess in allot of it. loosing over half of my alpaca from tangles. It was my first time and now after reading your tutorial I see that the separating of strands is where I went wrong. Now I understand perfectly.

Just a tip on dyeing and color…Using the [ASH] colors will tone down brassiness or red tones when dyeing hair. Say for instance a nice blonde color without any red to it. I will say that it will leave a slight pinkish hue to the hair in some of the ash colors but no red!

It works on red tones, like the the green wash works on the overly blushed vinyl.