Miss Sunshine Realborn Laila


Finished up this little gal today. Planning on getting some more pics made in the morning. I just had to put her in yellow.:heart_eyes:


She’s beautiful!


Stunning! Love her in yellow!


Awwwwww she is perfection!


She is gorgeous!!


I love her.


Oh she is simply stunning! Wonderful job


SO pretty! I like her outfit too!


You do awesome work! Maybe I will be that good someday! :slight_smile: I love this baby!


Thank you, ladies!


She looks so real, she is adorable


Had to look twice, thought she was a real baby! :heart:


WOW she’s adorable! The painting is beautiful and the outfit is perfect.


Beautiful!! And love the yellow on her!!


She’s so adorable!


I finished pics and have her listed on Reborns.com. Her is her PB link if you want to see more pics.


If I had the cash I’d scoop her up immediately :heart_eyes: hope you get a quick sale!


She is so beautiful! I like all the pictures. Gives folks a good idea of what they are purchasing. Anyway, just wanted to say how beautiful she is.