Miss seeing new babies

Oh thank you Kim think I finally understand how to do that now!!! I do not mind the 150 post rule I enjoy reading everyone’s post and I LOVE seeing all the babies!!!

I do understand the reasons for the rule; my problem with it is that I both work a lot of hours, and am not always comfortable posting…I enjoy just reading and following along. I simply believe the the amount of time that one has been a member should matter as much as if not more than the number of posts…
Regards, Barb

Barb, your posts are great and add alot to the “conversation” that is going on, so I hope in time you will feel more comfortable. You have alot to add and to share with us.

Here a baby I can show off now…He was just in a contest on another forum!

awww he is VERY handsome!!! I am working on Gabriel and am having a time with the paint not staying in a few spots! UUUggghhh!!
What kit is he from?

And here’s another “snowy session” featuring my Angel Face and my Honey! Hope you like them! I know they are “newborn” sized but they do look like toddlers. I gotta admit, I wasn’t very happy with Honey when I first got her. But somehow I managed to turn her into my second-favorite doll


@Denise - adorable! I love him!

For the paint not sticking, you can try to apply a thin coat of matte varnish, set it, and then your paint should stick(it work for genesis, not sure of the other paints)

He is from Melody Hess’s Stella kit.

Thaniks for the compliments on him Danielle and Friki

Friki your snow babies are having a blast…they are awesome. Love the poses!

I just can’t believe that they could stand on their own in the snow! I mean, Honey has bent legs and Berenguer is heavy and has that weird original cloth body. The snow was so deep it supported them both

So cute in the snow. Denise, your baby is very well done. Did you place in the contest?

he actually placed 4th which to me was fantastic…there were alot of beautiful babies to compete against! I was happy just to enter and that he got any votes was a huge compliment!

Very good. Some contests I don’t have alot of confidence in. I am glad we have our little give-aways and other ways to have fun. Hopefully our Baby Pageants will be a true reflection of the honesty of the people here. It will be fun to see all the babies entered. Hope you plan on entering the pageants here.

Oh I am working on one…hope you are too! It is going to be fun…