"misplaced" series painted head for sale


HI! Head for sale!

You may or may not be familiar with my work. Either way, here is a painted Shyann head painted in my “misplaced” series style. You can visit my website if you want to see prior work.

I don’t have time to finish her, my year is full up. Her eyes are set, head is filled and she has a glaze so her paint won’t chip. I will not paint limbs to match nor tell you how to do it lol but I can send you to where to buy a wig for her if you purchase her. You must wig her, don’t root her.

Her head is $60.00 + cheapest shipping.

Let me know


I hadn’t seen your work yet. She looks pretty awesome, like an old China doll.


I am oddly interested in this but have no idea what I’d do with it, lol.


you would put it together and add a wig. :slight_smile: <3


Your work is amazing wow wow this head stuck out in my memory the girls helped me search through old threads to find this again for inspiration. Wow is all my brain keeps chanting as I look at this awesome head, wow!