Miranda awake kit


Please show me your Realborn Miranda awakes. Something keeps drawing me to that kit, but I can’t figure out what. I want to love it. But I just can’t. I don’t know if I’m just drawn to the challenge or what. I love the asleep Miranda (I have a kit of her waiting to paint.) I also love the real baby Miranda. Someone help me love the awake Miranda kit please. :grimacing:


Don’t know that this will help but here is mine I found her hard to like too I went with trying to make her look Asian because couldn’t figure anything else lol .
Just not a fan of the eyes or mouth on this one .


She’s cute. I think the dark eyes help. To me her brow line just looks difficult to deal with. Most of the ones I’ve seen have too bold of eyebrows and look misplaced. Looking at the real Miranda, her eyebrows don’t show much in the pic with that expression. You did a good job not making the eyebrows the focal point. :heart_eyes:


Thanks I try to avoid that with most of mine the babies in my life except for a few have had very faint eye brows so I find that looks better to me.


All of the real babies are adorable but some of the kits come out with eye and mouth features I don’t care for .


I didn’t care for her much and she does look very Asian, not one of my better babies I couldn’t get a warm feeling for this one. Marrabo’s is really nice! good job.


The real Miranda and her pained expression in pics is just so adorable to me. I think it is the fullness of her lips in that position that looks off to me. They should be more puckered maybe. Edited to say maybe since they are so puckered they should be less full.


I really like this awake one as alternative.

Heres one by Deadly Nightshade

And one from Babies on the other side (I added her name onto the photo)