Mini Claire

I wanted to share my new mini Claire but I am having a hard time posting the pictures I am using photobucket’s IMG but it is not showing up . Does anyone have any advise for posting pictures?? She is on ebay here is the link… … :MESELX:IT
Gina J

I was using Photobucket also and was having trouble with my pics too. Apparently the pics were too big, and all I had to do was click on resize in Photobucket, and I clicked on medium which were a little smaller than I wanted, but they work. Here is a medium…

Thank you so much, I’m going to try that…


Well I don’t think it worked not sure what the problem is

I LOVE your Claire! She is so darn cute. I’m really starting to like the tiny ones. As for the pictures I had trouble with them as well. I had to uncheck all of the options (BBCode, smilies, etc) first. Hope it works for you.

Okay Now it worked Thanks so much She did sell on ebay and went to a 92 year old lady

Oh my, she is sooooo cute. That just made me smile. Thanks. I needed it tonight.

Thank You!!! I had fun making her she has such a cute little face

Gina J