Mini Chloe is ready for the winter

Here is Mini Chloe, the baby I did that was nominated for Colliii Awards 2009.
I’m keeping her and purchased some warm clothes for her. Isn’t she cutie?

Thank’s for peeking!

OMG - I LOVE her!!!

Oh, I just want to snuggle that little beauty!

She is more than a cutie she is beautiful. I love this sculpt.

oh she is adorable and looks so cute and snuggly in her new clothes! Congratulations on her!

I love her, Rosa! You did a great job on her.

oh wow…she looks so real…how sweet i couldn’t part with her either…TFS…she is a beauty…and her outfit is darling…i bet she will be very warm for winter…

She is cute as a button that one, yep sure is I do not blame you for keeping her. She is just wonderful. Great work!!

I thought it was a real baby!! The coloring and features are spectacular! What is her mesurements? did you sculpt her out of clay and is she available in kit form?

I’m in awe of her. She is beautiful and you are a very talented lady.

Thank you very much to all of you, I’m happy that you like Chloe and her new outfits.

gtgonewild, your baby is ready too…lets take them together to the snow

heavenly~bliss~nursery, unfortunatly I didn’t sculp her (I would looooove to scuplt like that but I dont sculp at all ), she is a Michelle sculpt from Evelina Wosnjuk and she is newborn size, I just reborned her: