Mineral spirits? help!


That’s not exactly what I have,but paint thinner/mineral sprits are all the same.The different brands are also the same.As for “odorless” …no such thing.It may have less odor,but they all smell


Hi, I use sunnyside oderless paint thinner, It is the best I have found, Some of the hardware stores carry it, I have smelled other oderless thinners, and they have a tiny bit of smell, but I cant smell this at all, Some people might have a little more sensitive smell, but it is great,


that is the one that i use i dont find it smells that bad but its good.


That should be fine Kristen…I use the Lowes brand…same thing…


I did the same thing once and the smell was so bad it made me sick. It smells when being heat set too. I reccomend that you buy the art quality thinner. There does seem to be a difference.


I spoke earlier about getting sunnyside paint thinner at the hardware store, But I also bought it from several art stores, it is just a little bit cheaper at the hardware stores, But they are exactly the same, a gallon cost between 12 or 13 dollars , saves a little money,


I love your baby. she is just too yummy! rosemarie


May I ask where you ladies heard that the hardware store mineral spirits were okay to paint with? I’ve used Mineral Spirits for cleaning brushes and that’s fine but I would never, never heat it like we do when we are cooking Genesis.

The low odor thinners that I’ve seen recommended in tutorials are just not that expensive. I use Sansodor. It’s about $7 a bottle at Michaels but, because it has a lower rate of evaporation, it lasts longer than regular thinner and it’s easier to work with because the paint stays workable longer. That’s just my choice.

I don’t think the mineral spirits from the hardware store is a good idea. I’ve been doing this a long time and have had to go back and re-do and it’s not fun. Sometimes these reactions take years.


I’ve used hardware store type stuff the whole time and I’ve been reborning for 5 years and I’ve never had a problem.


I have been so pleased to see input from Vieve. Vieve was a regular on the forum back when I was learning to reborn. I always saved any information she shared with us, and learned so MUCH from her. Vieve is one of the most knowledgeable reborners ever. She didn’t accept things without testing them thoroughly. Then she shared what she learned with the forum members.

I already use the better quality art supplies in my art studio. Your reputation depends on always doing your best effort, and using only the best products. Reborning is a relaxing hobby for me. But if my name is signed on something, it must be the best I can do. Bet Vieve shares that same philosophy!



I just asked DH about the difference between the mineral spirits he uses to clean tools and what I would use for my paints. He said the artist grade mineral spirits are distilled more so that more of the oils we don’t need and…he said…crap are removed.


Do you know if the thinner that came with my air dry paints will be alright to use with Genesis paints? Does it make a difference? Thanks for your help! Sherry www.cardsfortroops.org


No, the air dry paint thinner won’t work for Genesis. Air Dry paints are typically an acrylic based paint, whereas Genesis is an oil based paint, so the old saying of “They mix about as well as oil and water” applies. You need to use a thinner for oils.


Thanks, you saved me from making a big mistake:)


I always used turpentine and recently bought the odorless type of thinner at
Michaels using their 40% coupon. it stays workable for quite a bit longer.
I used to need to keep adding turp as I worked .


Thanks, we have a Michael’s in our area. I will go there this weekend!
Sherry www.cardsfortroops.org