Michelle is ready for doll show


I finished my little michelle today but I’m a little disappointed in the way she turned out. I also can’t make up my mind if I like the yellow dress or the pink. What do you think. Sorry for so many pics.


She looks really good. I would like it if your pictures were bigger. My eyes are not the greatest I love Michelle, she’s one of my favorites.


I like her in the yellow.


She is precious, I love her little yellow outfit.

      hugs Tina


So cute! Michelle is my favorite sculpt.


So cute. How did you get her head to stay up?


— Begin quote from “Sandi’s Doll House”

So cute. How did you get her head to stay up?

— End quote

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. She looks so real posed like that.


yellow for sure, pink is too washed out for her


definitely Yellow - and she is just adorable.



I like the yellow dress. She is very cute, I can’t imagine why you aren’t happy with her??


She’s a cute one. I like the yellow dress as well.


Yellow for me too…she is so adorable…you did justice to a beautiful sculpt.



Thanks everyone for their comment. I like the yellow also. You asked about her head. You know how you don’t stuff her body firm leave the head a little floppy. You just lay her on her tummy and push the head into the body like sitting it on a table it just stays up. I really like the tummy pics.