Met with an awesome member today


Had the opportunity to meet with @Grannysreborns today dropping off her new eyes.
She is so warm and friendly. And OMG so creative and talented. Had a great and can not.wait to.get together for painted and and more dolly adventures.
We live so close to each other and the only one who love of reborns and cute animals weird and creepy. :grin::grin::grin:
Thank you again for your hospitality.


You’re so lucky! I don’t have anyone else in my city that reborns.


That’s so great, meeting a dolly friend!


I’m jelly! I want a dolly friend!


Did you mean @GrammysReborns I am jealous too, lol! So nice to have a Dolly friend that close.




I am jealous too. Where are you located, if I may ask?


Oh thank you so much, it was so fun I can’t wait too we are going to to our Draken’s together and maybe much more. So nice to have someone to reborn with you. Fun, fun, fun!
We are in southern California Phelan and Apple Valley


That’s so neat! Awesome!


It really is, I am looking forward to a wonderful new friendship!


me too :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:
Can’t wait to make a sloth. Already getting a kit together


I have a sister in LA. Maybe next time when I’ll visit her I can make a trip to meet you, ladies.


That is soooooo cool! You are sooo lucky!!!


That would be so great
I would love that
Please come and we will have a great time!!


Thank you!


Would love to meet you too. We would has such fun.


That is so neat that you got to meet with each other. @marleeton and I live less than 10 minutes away from each other. We got to meet up and I had so much fun. It is so nice to have someone close by that understands the love you have for reborning.


You must be close to me too - I am in Edmond!


Yes I’m not that far from Edmond. I live off countyline right next to the Kirkpatrick turnpike