Merry Christmas from Miss Sophia and Santa!

LOL…the child will NOT wear shoes ~ she didn’t cry, but she was pretty unsure of the jolly old elf

That is such a darling picture. She just gets cuter and cuter. Thanks for sharing and please keep posting. Merry Christmas.

Thanks so much! She’s 11 months old today…this year has flown by! I’m soooo looking forward to seeing her on Christmas; we got her a “peek a boo” bear. Hope she likes it and it doesn’t scare her…yikes…we got her a couple of outfits, too. Been a long time since we had a little one to shop for…well…the REAL ones, that is.

Merry Christmas!

How adorable! i could never get either of my kids to go within ten feet.

I would love to be able to root hair on a baby that ended up looking just like Sophia’s…and to paint a face that looked just like Sophia’s… She is just so adorable…

She is so adorable! I miss having the little ones around at Christmas. They are so much fun but grow up to fast. Enjoy your time with her tomorrow.

We had a wonderful day with Sophia…AND…I held her for about 1/2 an hour! I was in HEAVEN!!! She’s just a tiny bit of “fluff” and is soooo, so sweet. We got her a peek-a-boo bear and she was totally mesmerized by him putting his blankie up to his face and then saying “I see you! Peek-a boo!” What did she like the most, though? A SOCK…yep…one of her own socks that she had taken off and then held onto it all day as if she were in charge of that sock or something She’s so funny, and just the most precious, adorable, and perfect little doll ever!

And did anyone grab a camera and take a picture of me holding her???

NOPE My family stinks.

Glad you got some cuddles in! I am enjoying my time with Catherine but not sure I want to be in the photos! Her mommy takes lots of them. Poor baby seems to be teething again and none of us thought to try anything until Josh got home. Smart daddy! She is a snuggler which I am loving! Another week here and then I’ll be in serious withdrawal! They move to Indiana in a week and a half

I used to use popscicle containers and freeze water in them or pedilte for john to chew on when he was teething. He got some good stuff when it melted.