Mermaid baby washed ashore!


This little one just washed up looking cute as a can be! :ocean::ocean:


Very creative.What did you use to get your scale patterns on her?It looks awesome.


Thank you. Mesh like to make a tutu and I think from cutie oranges


I love the scales look and the pearls(?) on the face. The hair looks awesome too.
Super creative, don’t think I’ve ever seen a doll like this.


Beautiful and that hair is Awesome! Are you selling him? @Miss_Kitty


Thank you! I’ve been debating adding the on the beads. They’re actually for nails, I guess, but they worked for my mermaid much better lol


Thanks! Yep!


So tempting. I am making two one for family and one for me, lol. I hope they come out even half as cute as yours. They will be our Carolina Beach Memory Merbabies!


How much are you selling it for? So cute!


So cute and creative !


That hair! Love it!


So adorable!!!

But if you want to make another with a mermaid tail, let me know I just bought 5 tails from Shawna Clymer, your have done so wonderful, it has inspired me to make at least one. lol


Love the paint patterns and she is wonderfully creative!