Mercari petit ami.....cute clown outfit gahhh


Just saw these on Mercari under newborn dress


Is this like eBay?


No, it is a selling ap. Kinda like let go or offer up and even similar to Craig’s list…but designed to ship items instead of meeting up with people. Except if you are a seller you get charged a percentage.


Thanks. I bought the Feltman Brothers dress.


Wonderful I saw it sold, was hope one of my reborning friends nabbed it!


How much is the percentage for sellers?


I went back and bought the Petit Ami dress also. There are some beautiful items on this site for reasonable prices.


10% I sold 1 reborn on here, 10% is a lot to give up on a large amount but it was a baby I didn’t love and didn’t want in my nursery. That was before Christmas too. I have gotten so many amazing deals on here. The sellers are often times willing to bundle items too. I have searches set up to alert me when certain items get listed for sale. Like Honest diapers etc.


It is addictive :wink:!


Those are beautiful the only drawback that I can see would be the size. Are they Newborn?


Yep, newborn.


They have larger sizes, too.


Someone please help me, I have a shopping addiction! I am resisting these 3!



All are newborn too!


I’d just better not sign up…I’d buy too much! Lol


You have come to the wrong place for that kind of support. Lol How are you finding all this cute stuff? I browsed the site the other day and didn’t see much. Especially not at an attractive price.


Oh wow! Where was this site a few weeks ago when I was looking for something in a similar style :rofl: I ended up just making it myself, and it came out different than I had imagined but looks perfect on the baby so I guess it turned out fine lol I’d post a pic but it’s a surprise for the baby’s mommy and she’s on the forum haha


I look too often I think lol. That clown costume is $15 including shipping, to me that is on the very upper edge of my amount to ever spend on a single outfit, but probably not something you could find easily.


Oh show us later! I do that a lot, search around, then get inspired to just make it myself.