Memorial Weekend Sale! 50% off ALL Realborn Kits!


Our Memorial Day Sale is Here!

All Realborn kits, including seconds and belly plates, are 50% off. Don’t miss the HUGE sale! We have several Realborns that are low in stock and have a high potential of selling out, so hurry! These kits are all featured on our homepage: This sale ends Monday evening, or while supplies last.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Bountiful Baby


Yay, Thank you, I think, lol!


I’m so disappointed I got the email at 4:00 and by 4:20 they were sold out of Landon. I guess I have to keep waiting


I wish I could get one of each! I love the realborns. I placed an order for two of them. :slight_smile:


i got my Dominic Awake and Laila Awake.


I wanted another Realborn Kimberly - got it! IDK if she is as popular as some of the newer ones but I really like her face…


I swore no more sculpts and now I’ve failed on that promise and on top of that I have no PP money left. Need to sell a baby or close my eyes on BB site. Why why why do they announce these sales where I can see them LOL


Same here, no sales, no paypal money, no more ordering lol


Me too! I missed out on Landon too and I need one for a custom. If anyone got an extra let me know! I managed to get Laila Awake and Kyrie.


Kyrie is Adorable!! I just got her from the last sale!