Melted Mouth?!?

I got a cheap reborn that was someone’s first try, so obviously it’s not great quality (it kinda looks like they put almost no effort into the head, as that’s the problem area) and I tried using acetone to remove the paint from the lips, but all of a sudden the mouth opened and I see stuffing staring at me from the inside of the doll! Is there any way to fix this? I don’t remember what the doll is made of but at this point I’m assuming it’s that weird squishy soft vinyl since I can literally peel the paint off? I have no experience in doing this sort of stuff so I’ve just been watching tutorials and using this site for help.

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Welcome to the Forum! I think you need to post a pic and tell us what kind of paint was used is order to help you better. Some people like to open the mouth so that it can take a full pac. That is not recommended because the cut may get larger in the future. Good Luck, cant wait to see pics of your baby.


I don’t know. I didn’t make this baby. I don’t have contact with the seller. I just want to try and figure out how to close the mouth permanently. And if I’m thinking correctly, the seller used the paint on the lips to close the mouth, so maybe they cut it at some point? I don’t know, I’m so clueless.Uploading: 68CBB350-4B9B-4196-B62A-DB3B39A72BBF.jpeg…

Your picture didn’t upload. Repost it but wait until the word Uploading is gone

Hopefully we can advise on how to fix.

I accidentally clicked off it the first time. When I came back, there was no uploading word and I thought it would just keep loading or something.

First of all that doll looks like the paint is far too thick. Particularly on the mouth.

What did they use to paint it?

I’m not sure if you an glue that mouth shut. It looks like it was cut open. That compromises the vinyl.

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The doll is also very shiny. Is it perhaps rubber rather than vinyl?

Paint won’t stick if its not vinyl. Looks rubbery to me.

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As I said, the seller claimed this was her first doll and as you can see from the lots of paint pulled, I can actually kinda peel it off it’s so thick. Super unfortunately, I don’t know what she used. I don’t even know who the seller is because it was my mom that bought the doll for me. Would it be an incredibly harmful idea to try melting the lips together so they don’t open or am I stuck with a bad product?

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Honestly. You could try. Back the lips with felt and glue them using E6000.

That said. Does the back of the neck say anything? We may be able to identify who the sculpt is and help you. Perhaps have her repainted?

Oh wow. I would agree that the mouth looks like it’s been cut open. I think it’s also one of the Chinese nameless kits with the weird vinyl? If so, the quality of the kits isn’t really comparable to modern reborn kits. It’s squishy but doesn’t take paint well, unless you cake it on, by my understanding. Perhaps you could glue the lips back together from behind, and use air dry paints to repaint the kit? But honestly, if you aren’t attached, it would probably be cheaper to buy a new Bountiful Baby kit and start from scratch.


If all you want to do is reborn her yourself. Please save yourself the headache and purchase a sale kit on BB.

IF you try to begin reborning with this you are just going to be frustrated and disappointed. Imo


I was trying to think of something to describe it and rubber never occurred to me but that’s almost exactly what this feels like. Slightly sticky rubber. I’m assuming sticky from the paint and glue?
I just don’t want to waste 100$…this doll has already given me emotional pain in the form of I had a complete breakdown when she came because of how awful she was…

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If she is rubber the best thing to do is remove the old paint and leave her alone. That’s a headache and a half.

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I totally agree with that and wanted to say the same.
Sorry, but unfortunately your mom’s $100 was waisted.

If you still want to go in ‘repair’ rout, you can try ModPodge from inside and then secure it with a moleskin.


If the head is the main problem and the limbs are ok and you want to honor the gift your mom gave you, you might consider getting just a replacement head. BB sells heads as do other reborn suppliers. You can measure the circumference of the head you have and buy another of the same size so it’s proportion would be right. Trying to save that head is going to be really difficult and frustrating and not a good way to start reborning!


Yes and right now there are some really good priced kits on BB.