Melissa George patreon


I’m still following her. But she hasn’t posted since December 2. I know she had mentioned something about her husband in one of the videos. Does anyone follow her on fb?


I do. I didn’t see the post about her hubby. But, I have noticed that I haven’t seen anything new for a bit. I guess that must be why. Do you enjoy the info she share? I do. I hope I can incorporate some of it into my painting. I know she always says how much she LOVES sharing this info with us, so it makes me think that she has something going on, that she hasn’t even had a chance to let us know something.


It was a lil while back in one of the videos that she mentioned her husband n how she would still continue to share infro. I took it as him being sick or something. I hope everything is ok. I love the videos and information that she shares. Very informative. She is such a sweet kindhearted person.


I agree. But if her husband is ill, seems that she could pull out her phone or other digital media, and send an email to let us know. It would only take a jiffy to send that out as she does other broadcast emails. So, it makes me wonder. I do not want to drop out of it, but we will see what happens. I trust she is just temporarily unavailable. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you and others enjoy it, also.


I’ve wondered what was going on as well. Hope everything is OK.


I thought maybe she was just taking time off for the holidays but I remember her mentioning personal problems. Im willing to wait, the information she has shared with me/us has been invaluable to me.


True, but sometimes we are so involved with what’s going on, it doesn’t cross our mind to send some one a text or email.




Im kinda worried about her…has anyone heard anything from her?
I sent her a message, has anyone else? I realised today that she hasn’t posted anything on FB since October.

The messages on Patreon tell me that no one has heard from her :frowning:


I haven’t messaged her. The last time she posted on patron was 12/02/2018


Have you read the message from other people on the last video on Patreon…apparently no one has heard from her, its worrisome. I hope she is ok…someone said she posted on FB in December as well but I just saw October.


No I haven’t. I’ll have to go take a look.