Melissa George on Patreon


I signed up and already learned a lot. The content is well worth the $9. The bonus is that she is really sweet. Thanks, @Msmimi04!!


Click on the little gear and change it to 540 it may work better for you, I have bad internet as well :wink: .


Thanks! That worked…which is strange because we have super fast internet. The robots are against me today :wink:


You welcome. She is very sweet, sometimes I wish I could reach through my iPad n give her a hug. :joy::joy:


I’m pretty sure you will learn some things. Did you see the conversion chart to use ghsp?


I use GHSP’s and still I have learned a lot that I can use for my work.
Here is a list from her site of things she will be sharing…

Some of the methods and techniques I use for creating my dolls are:
Use of acrylic and heat set paints
Colour correcting and matching
Micro hair rooting
Micro rooting eyelashes and eyebrows
Multi-coloured and textured hair painting
Applied hair with permanently set hairstyles
3D skin painting and mottling
Shine removal, dewy skin, wet shine
Micro details such as; capillaries, milk spots, pores, scratches, skin textures
Advanced techniques such as fingerprints, spit bubbles, teeth painting and texture
Furthermore, you will get behind the scenes access to any new methods and materials I discover along the way.


Thank you so much for sharing this info. I joined her group and have already learned so much. She is awesome! :slight_smile:


You welcome. Yes, she is.


Y’all… after spending a little time on her Patreon, I just wanted to say-- Melissa is seriously great! I use GHSP, and there is definitely still plenty of valuable information that’s relevant to how I work. Throughout my reborning journey I’ve watched countless Youtube tutorials, sifted through all the old posts here, and purchased tutorials. Melissa’s content is some of the BEST I’ve seen!

She is also genuinely supportive of other artists and responsive to individual questions. It’s like having a private instructor in your home! Reading through the comments on each of her posts is really helpful as well.

My husband and I have been really focusing on cutting costs lately- letting go of some monthly subscriptions like HBO, so I felt a little silly at first signing up for a new one. But now I don’t see myself ever letting it go!


Mimi, @Msmimi04, I thought i saw it addressed on here, Has anyone printed the transparency sheets out yet from Melissa? Just wondering how they turned out. I did find some of the clear sheets at hobby lobby by accident while looking for the graduation stuff.Go figure! I may try later on tonight to print one out


Hi, I seen it posted, but don’t remember where. I myself have not tried printing them. Try looking where she posted it. Someone may have printed it.


ok, ill look around. I was going to buy some of the paper online, it’s a little pricey. Then it basically hit me in the face at the store. So t was a sign, i had to get it. Thanks.


When you print it, let me know how it turns out. You welcome


I am going to get some transparent printing paper for those and I also want one for the eyebrow stencils, I am notoriously crappy at eyebrows LOL.


There seems to be an awful lot of Golden products to be purchased when following Melissa’s painting of the Owen awake kit.
I normally use genesis but am seriously thinking of switching to A/D. (Just weighing it up atm)
I have a Question for those of you using the Golden brand. What do you use as a primer before starting on a kit? I know with Genesis I can use the matte medium, is it the same with A/D? or do you have to purchase a separate medium for that ?


Ive been using the fluid matte medium.


Yeah me too so going to learn som tips maybe for just the 1 month…


Is the Golden fluid matte medium really matte? Does it leave a rough finish?


Its not rough like the Liquitex gel and its not as matte however it works really well for a first sealer if you want to keep the vinyl from being stained. The Golden varnish with UV mixed with a tiny bit of super matte medium is very matte though.


Hi Lil, I’m new to the Golden products. It looks like there are several different varnishes with UVL. Can you be more specific about which varnish with UV works (with the super matte medium) for a very matte finish?