Melissa George on Patreon


Yes you can use paypal, thats how i paid.


And u won’t be charged until the 1st of the month


Awesome! I’m actually looking forward to this! My dolls might actually look like something now LOL!


Awesome. Thanks! I’m gonna go sign up. :wink:


I signed up, $9 isn’t much to at least check it out!


You can go back n look at everything she has posted. I gotta watch the video she just posted today.


Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! I’ve watched her first video so far, and will watch them here and there until I’ve caught up.


Be sure to download the PDF files if you need them.


Is there a way to find just the PDF files? All I can figure out is how to scroll down through all the posts and videos? I don’t see any way to sort and just find PDF files. I watched the first video on Rebekah. But I can’t find the file to tell me what paints she’s using.


I don’t think she mentions the colors she used. But when you go to patreon, click on the home button, the lil house, upper right side, the click on her picture to the left side, down some. Then you will see pdfs she has shared of various things.


There is a list on there, if you scroll down until you see a mustard colored pic that reads;

Ooops had to edit the pic, not sure if I can show the entire thing. Anyway I’m sure you will find it now.


I must have missed that. Thanks


I havent notice anyone share the link


She should be happy -she went from around 30 patrons to 80+ in one day lol -awesome content and I ve found so much info that I wanted to learn already -thanks for sharing this !!


Thanks, I didn’t know how too.


You welcome


Does she ever use Genesis paints?


She hasn’t yet. But she has a conversion chart, golden to heat set.


Anyone else having trouble viewing the videos? On both my iPad and phone it’ll play for a couple minutes then go black & freeze. I suspect it’s my internet connection…?


I probably wouldn’t have subscribed if I’d known she doesn’t do GHSP. Hopefully there are other things I can get from it.