Melissa George on Patreon


Oh, I have not tried it nor have I used pencil or done painted hair only sponge hair.


Having it rooted first is soooo much easier :wink:


I first tried without rooting. Won’t do that again, I can tell you that. It is so much easier if you root first.


Yes melissa is awesome on patreon!! So well worth the $9 a month! Im on another well known artists patreon and will not be continuing with that one! I did try out the rooted applied hair on a test head and it looks like hair and has the feel of what 3d painted hair feels like. Very cool! Shes always posting great info and yes she responds to you if you comment or ask her a question!!!


I’m going to try this on a test part. I love the look of rooted hair but it’s so hard to keep it neat.


I was also on another artists Patreon and I was paying 30 a month (mainly due to the fact that Im in France or it would have been 25) and it just wasn’t worth it, she wasn’t posting much and thats just too much to pay for the very little she was providing. I will also try Melissa George, as I also use acrylics, thanks so much for the info!


You welcome. You will not be disappointed with Melissa.


I agree, which is why I made Zhenya my first (and only at this stage) reborn with the applied hair. I left the hair a bit longer than the way Melissa is doing hers, but I do prefer the shorter style. When I get motivated to start reborning again, (I’m so slack these days), I will try MG’s methods as I love the look she achieves. If you are on the fence about becoming a Patreon, it is worth it.! There are so many tips and new information to help you go up a level in your reborning. :wink: Plus info on products etc and where to get them.
Anyways here’s Zhenya once again. I used a different medium than MG is using to ‘glue’ the hair down. It has worked quite well and still no issues with it but I will try the mediums she uses, IF they can be used over GHSP’s. I tried air dry paints…I don’t like them…I guess I’m just a heat set girl. Lol

Not the best pic, I realize. I have left some loose strands of hair at the neckline which I like.


That looks really good!


Just wanted to chime in and say that I also love Melissa and I think her Patreon is totally worth it. She is also just the sweetest person!


Yes she is!!


Will following her still be beneficial if you use headset ? I saw where she used airdry …


I believe so. She shared a conversion chart for heatset paints.


How does patreon work? What exactly does $9 a month get you? I’m very interested in this. :slight_smile:


If you go to her patreon page it will tell you the different pledge levels and what you will get for the monthly pledge. I follow melissa for $9 a month and what she says she will provide for your monthly pledge, she does that and beyond!!!


You get access to everything that she post. In this email, she tells you some of the upcoming projects she is working on and will be sharing.


Yes she does! She is amazing


So its just $9 a month? I might actually look into this… It would certainly help me. Is it through PayPal or can you use debit?


I think I did debit. It’s different prices, but do the 9.00 for 60.00 I believe you get a Skype one on one viideo call once a month.


Awesome! Ok I’m in!