Melissa George on Patreon


She is the best!! She has shared so much information. She will answer your questions. She used the golden brand of paints and did a complete series of painting the Rebecka.kit She did rooting and the applied hair. I wish Patreom had been around when I first started. If you are a beginner n can afford 9.00 a month, even if it’s just for a month or 2, I would give her a try. I signed up with another well known artist. I’m gonna cancel mine with her. She hadn’t posted anything worth watching. I’m sticking with Melissa George. I always look forward to see what she is gonna post next.


Thanks for the insight! I might just give it a try! Can you cancel at any time?


Yes you can. I think you will like her n all the information she has shared. Actually, They won’t charge you until the 1st I believe.


Awesome, thanks!


You welcome


Can you explain what applied hair means. Thanks


Thanks so much! It’s great to know what’s worth spending $$ on :blush:


After the hair is rooted, you apply a mixture of matte medium n other products to glue the hair in place.


You welcome. It’s really worth it.


Sorry the cut in…does have a weird feel to it? I like the thought of mohair but I cuddle my dolls a lot and if I got one with rooted hair id be afraid of constant tangles. This seems like the way to go! Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how it feels. I’ve never done applied hair. But someone on the forum has, I’m not good with remember the names tho.


Oh ok! Sorry didn’t realize. Maybe they will see this and chime in. Thanks anyways. :heart:


@jlesser Has done applied hair.

BTW, Melissa George — on her channel, does she leave previous videos up so you can watch several times?


You welcome.


Thanks Simone! I’m going to pm her so I don’t take over the post! Lol. :slight_smile:


@jlesser might know


Yes she does.


If you sign up with her, after you look over what she had shared, let me know how you like it.


I thought applied hair was applying hair one at a time with glue (not rooting) then laying it down with some type of glue. Or is there more than one way to do it?


It’s more than one way to do it.