Meko has hair!

I promised more pics of Meko after she “grew” some hair. So, here they are:

I love her cute little legs - especially her knees

She’s such an observant little thing. Today she discovered her wrist rattle

and the Pooh on her bumper

She’s also a clever little thing and can almost hold her own bottle (just noticed this pic shows her blue eyes)

Gave her hair a trim so it didn’t stick out above her ears with her headbands on. I think it looks better.

Tomorrow night she’s going with me to choir practice so she can meet “Aunti Eileen” (my half Japanese/Chinese) friend at church. She wanted to look especially nice so this is what we decided on for her to wear. I think she looks really sweet.

One last pic of her from last night after “growing” her hair. It was hard work and tired her out.

Hope this wasn’t “Meko overload”.

Oh my gosh, I love her!! I like how you did her hair. It looks like a real Asian baby’s hair would look.

she’s absolutely adorable…would you mind sharing some tips to create the asian complexion? I’m actually going to be starting Kameko shortly (my first asian baby) and i’m a little worried about screwing it up. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


She is so cute. I am wanting to reborn this little sweetie now.


Hi Terri!!! HOw are you? Meko is adorable -Stef and I are almost done with our asian baby -arent they fun?

Awww, what a sweetie!! Her hair looks adorable on her!!