Megan Body size

Today I got my Megan kit from my parent’s house and am in the process of prepping it, (needs a thorough stripping and hair removal but anyway!) I currently also have a Liam kit and a Maisie kit. Currently, I have the body for Liam, which is actually the body #7519 and recommended for Megan! this body is far too large for tiny Megan, but fits Liam perfectly. So I am wondering which bodies you all used to make Megans and may I see photos?
adding a photo for giggles

as you can see the body is far too long! Megans limbs while chunkier than Maisie are the exact same length, of course she is on a full leg body and not a 3/4 leg but obviously this body is pretty out of proportion, so I’m curious what those of you who have made a megan decided to do!


I put her on a 16" 3/4 limb body. She looks and feels fine.


I use a 14-16" 3/4 arms front legs too. I make mine.