Meg head question

I was looking at my Meg kit and it looks like my Meg head is a little lopsided. I have not started her yet, so she isn’t melted. Is it supposed to be a bit lopsided to the right? Anyone else notice this? Or should I call BB?

Oh good thank you! I hate to start painting, and then notice a flaw:-) I’ll give her a bake and cross my fingers!:smiley:


Are you talking about where the head sits on the neck is a bit lopsided? I had a Meg kit like that recently.

Yes! It that a flaw? I ordered a first quality… But I’d like to know before I start:-)

This is the pic from BB’s site and it sits straight up.

But does the right top of the head look a bit lopsided?

It doesn’t look lopsided here but it isn’t the back of the head.

Why don’t you post a pic so we can see what you’re talking about?

Good idea! I’ll look from the back!

My Meg was a little lopsided. She shaped up nicely after weighting and stuffing the head. I also think the neck ring and plug really helped straighten her up.


I hope so!

Try stuffing her head with paper towels before baking and then put her in the fridge for awhile to cool down the head will then stay shaped, I had to do that with one of mine because it was out of shape and it took car of the problem. Good luck.

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Thank you! I’m going to try it!!!:heart:

Hope it works for you.

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Thank you, I will let you know:-)

Why not just let her cool down naturally? I would never put it in a fridge, Vinyl becomes hard in low temperatures, and in some cases brittle, and can crack…


I guess I don’t know how that would work. The method I used was given to me by someone else and it worked great, I don’t think the temp in the fridge is going to be cold enough to damage the vinyl as it did take some time for it to cool so it is gradual not like putting in the freezer that would be a no no .

I, too, have heard that the refrigerator can cause damage. Better to be safe.


It will depend on the vinyl, but I had vinyl products that would crack at bellow 50 degrees F. Fridges are usually set to temperature between32-40° F. All that putting hot part in the fridge does that it makes it cool faster. It also means that it could cool faster on surface while remaining hot and expanded inside, which could create tension and damage it. I am sure somebody here recently said that a limb cracked when they put it in the freezer. There is absolutely no benefit of putting it in the fridge, or cooling it fast. If part become misshapen because it got squashed, it will return to its normal shape when heated. If it does not, the best way to deal with it is to make sure you get the shape right when stuffing it when it is finished.