Meg, Aisha, and Amber are AVAILABLE NOW!


Go Get Em! Let us know which ones you all get


I got Meg!


I just ordered Meg too Can’t wait!!!


I got meg also to reborn for a friend at work

I have not done a baby in so long I hope I can remember everything LOL.


i can’t decide between aisha and meg…


I got them all !!!really love meg and aisha!!!


— Begin quote from “Cher_Simnitt”

I got them all !!!really love meg and aisha!!!

— End quote

Good answer!


I was going to get Meg but that little angel sitting on my shoulder said “you have a lot of kits already”. I told it to be quiet but it won.

Meg is darling but when compared to Sera its very alike and I have 2 of those to do.

I think I’ll wait for Keyoko or whatever her name is.


Good grief! I’m the 9th Meg buyer it looks like! Glad I jumped on it when I did!!


When I get the email saying Meg is avaible, it was late night here…but I thought: “All that adict ladies in USA will be living and ordering her while I sleep”…so, I made my order in the middle of the night…didn’t want to miss her!
I love Aisha too, and Kameko, and…but…must wait and sell some babies before (this little angel in my shoulder is in danger!).