Meet Ruby

Well Ruby’s glue is dry and she’s all assembled and had her first official photo shoot this morning, she is so cuddly, I’ve only used steel shot to weight her body so I could hide the bag inside the fibre fill and you can hardly feel it. She’s weighs in at just over 3 lb which is quite an achievement for a small monkey. Anyway, here she is…

This is my favourite photo… she looks so cheeky

Yep she’s thinking of some way to get in trouble. She is cute.

AH that is to cute, love it,

She is sooooo sweet. I just love that look on her face.

Hugs tina

My gosh! You are such a talented woman… Congrats on this newest creation. She is adorable!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments

She’s so cute! Great job.

wow, she is adorable!! she has a look that just make you wanna hug her

so cute!!

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments

Judy she is adorable, the best monkey Ive seen.
You do such an excellent job you are so talented.