Meet Our New Puppy


Yesterday, we went East of Nashville, Tennessee and picked up a puppy for our grandson and granddaughter that lives with us. Meet Stella, an Australian Shepherd. Stella is eight weeks old and weighs 8 lbs. 8 ozs. We have had many pets over the years but never one from the herding group. Going to send my grandson and her for obedience training.


She’s beautiful. Lucky kids. :blush:


She’s beautiful!!! Yeah those herding instincts are tricky to train out of a dog. My friend had a sheep dog and he would even try to herd people! Best of luck with that little sweetie. Gosh I want another puppy. :heart_eyes:


She’s a sweetie! Sending them to obedience school is a great idea. This breed has a ton of energy and so do kids so they should be a good fit! Maybe at the end of the day they will all be worn out and sleep all night!


So cute! Congrats!


Beyond adorable


What a cutie!


What a Cutie!!! :smile:


So cute!


What a cutie! I love the part about sending her AND the grand son to obedience school! LOL I can truly understand. :slight_smile:


She looks like my sons dog Echo…shes a border collie though. She’s so smart, its scary. Ive never had such an intelligent dog…I know Ausies are not that much different. Here is our sweet Echo.


We had one that was mixed a little but looked just like your dog. He was awesome.


Adorable puppy!!