Meet my newest Madison

I am still rooting the hair but I decided to take some pictures of this sweet baby :blue_heart: I love him so much! I’m well over 40 hours into his hair and I’m still not done but he’s worth it so far! I really hope he sells because this is the most amount of time I’ve put into a baby :blue_heart:


Beautiful work

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Absolutely GORGEOUS :two_hearts:

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Really!! That’s just amazing though. I wish I can root that awesome!!

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Amazing rooting! I fell completely in love with this kit too, that sweet petite little face :two_hearts:

The amount of time put into your rooting really shows!


Gorgeous baby. I think the extra time you have put into this baby really shows. I love the hair thus far. I know it will be totally awesome when you are done. Looking forward to pictures when you have completed this baby. :slight_smile:

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40 hours? Ermagerd!!!

Your not done rooting? It looks amazing! What’s left to do?

I tried rooting over the weekend OY! What a mess :crazy_face:

Do you cut as you root? Or root short pieces of hair?

I still have like half of the back of the head left to do. :sob:

I cut as I go :slight_smile: I like to see the style as I go do see what I need to add :slight_smile:

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Love the hair!

Lol so what… only like 10 more hours? :heart_eyes: you can do it! We believe in you :crazy_face::baby:t2:

Absolutely amazing hair and baby!! Love your photography. You should be able to get good bucks for this one!! You got this!!

What a beautiful baby…I LOVE the green background/wrap…perfectly sets off “his” skintones!!

I see boy in your adorable creation!!!

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I like this one as a girl-so Sweet!

That is an amazing baby, making me love this sculpt!!!

I see all boy too! but ive made soooo many boys lately I tried to do both in this photo shoot :slight_smile:

Thank you!! and I hope so! ive had a baby availible since the begining of july waiting to be adopted so im scared this one will be sitting for months too :disappointed_relieved: