Meet my Honey now Devynn Marie on her way to Ebay

Just finished her over Thanksgiving weekend. Let me know what you think. … 0414144399

You want to know what we think? Well, i think she can come live with me. Let me know when to expect her. She’s adorable, love love love her. DEE

Well, you two ladies have made my day! Thanks

What a cutie! I love how her socks match her dress! TOO cute! She is adorable!

I love her side glancing eyes! She is beautiful.

Thank-you Linda!

very pretty baby, good job

Darnit! I never wanted a honey. Now I want a honey. Great job!

Beautiful!!! I’m loving the dark hair and the sideways

I love her and as always, I love her hair. And you got a bid already!

She is absolute beautiful!! BOL on ebay!


Oh wow westie she is adorable!! I love everything about her. BOL on her auction!!

She is so cute BOL with her auction…I love her curly hair…

Thank-you so much ladies!