Meet Ashlyn and Addison


finally finished!!!


Beautiful babies!! Looks like they were alot of work!! Wish the pictures were a little bigger. They sure are sweet!! Good job!


Pretty babies. Kym just click on the pic and it shows it larger.


Oh thank you Robincarrol!! I didn’t know you could do that!! Beautiful babies!!!


They are soooo pretty, then through the magic of Click-a-tion… they are beautiful!


They are adorable! Love them both. The coloring is great - another new thing to learn Are you selling or keeping them?


they are so cute, and so many nice finishing touches!


[size=14]Right now, I have them on the guest bed … lol . I am not for sure if I will put them up for adoption or not… Thanks so much for the complements[size=14][/size][/size]