Me and my reborns are featured in a local newspaper!

I am very pleased with the way it turned out. The first page photo is me holding my reborn Brooke. The photo on page 2 was taken of some of the babies in my crib. The 2 babies on the left are reborns and the Emily is a regular Ashton Drake doll. … clepg1.jpg … clepg2.jpg

Congrats on the news article. I just adore making dolls for the women with Alzheimers. I recently had one delivered to an Alzheimers patient and her daughter said she would not let that doll out of her sight. She said you would have thought she had birthed it herself. That maternal instinct is soooooooo strong.

Angie you are so awesome! How do you find out about donating the babies?

Congratulations Angie!!!

There are a couple avenues through which you can donate.

I know of an organization that you can donate through at this website: http://www.dolls4alzheimers.comI have spoken with the person who runs this several times and she gave me lots of information. She is slow to answer emails sometimes so I friended her on facebook and seem to get quicker responses there.

The other option is to call your local hospitals and ask them if there are any Alzheimer’s and Dementia facilities in your area. Then contact them and ask them if they have a doll room or are familiar with doll therapy. There are links to articles on my website if you want to share them to educate the staff. Many of these places do have doll rooms so you can donate to those.

As for nursing homes, you need to contact a director and ask them as well. They may need more education on the subject matter as they have their time more taken with constant daily care for patients and may not be as familiar with therapy type situations. If they have an activities director that is a good person to contact as well.

Lastly I would check into seeing if there are any group homes for the elderly in your area. My grand father stays in one that is privately owned and run. There are about 6-8 residents there and they all are there because they need care but are not considered in need of the extended type care of a nursing home so Medicare pays for them to go to this type facility which is something in between being alone and living in a nursing home.