Me again... Uriel πŸ“·


She is such a cutie. I love her legs :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Beautiful baby girl!


Thank you


I will never get this good lol. Gorgeous :heart_eyes:


What are you talking about. You don’t want to see my first once lol.
Thank you.:sparkling_heart:


She’s a cutie


Precious! :heart_eyes: You already know how much I love your work! :slight_smile:


You are always too kind


I am in love she is so adorable, the legs are so cute. Beautiful job painting her. Is her hair painted?


She is so precious, and her expression is very pleasing. Which sculpt is she?


Thank you. Yes, her hair is painted


I could hardly tell, was on the fence, bravo😁


I know she makes me smile. She is Uriel by Pricilla weight let me get her name :relieved:
Priscilla Lopes *


Very beautiful! Will you be entering her into the Uriel contest on Truborns website? The sculptors name throws me off sometimes you see it as Pricilla Lopes and other it’s listed as Pricilla Lopez


She’s adorable. Love her hair.:heart:️


Wow she is Spot on!! I love her hair, skin tone, mottling, she’s perfect. Another beautiful baby you have created here!! :heart:️ I’m a fan!


Oh Thanks. I didn’t know about the contest.I’ll check it out. It is Lopes I believe she is brazilian, Lopez is spanish.


Aww thanks.


This is one of many listings I have seen with it Lopez. Even Bobbie from Truborns has posted it as Lopez so maybe it can be either lol?


Im going to have to ask her.