McPherson store


I am so jealous, lol


:slightly_frowning_face: I’ll be sharing a lot of pics :hugs:


Can’t wait to see, Happy Belated Birthday to you and your Husband! :cake:


Yay! We are on our way. We brought Abbie and Shakisha for the ride. :grin:

I wonder what people thought of us when they saw this :rofl::rofl:


Probably thought you were a very bad mommy lol


I know :joy::wink:


Lol, hope you packed bibs for all of you! All that drool when you got to see everything! I keep thinking if I ever got to go see my sister in Utah that I would love to see BB. As it is, all my trips involve seeing my grandkids! Such a chore to snuggle them!


My visit was amazing. Here are some pictures. My daughter’s Isabella (Annie) found a new home in Brendas Wall of Babies. THE LADIES WERE AMAIZIBG with my family. We love you ladies @MacPhersonCrafts. They week so hard but always with a smile and so kind. :hugs: I can’t wait to see you again ladies. :heart:


Awesome pictures! Looks like a lot of fun! What kits did you bring home? I’m just being nosey. Sorry haha!


I had a blast meeting you all…I was bragging last night about your children and how sweet they are…what a well rounded lovely family!! See you soon I hope. XOXOXOX


It was a lot of fun. I’m getting the kit shipped so we dont have to cross the border with all that’s stuff. Well I got a lot. Brenda bought me my Abbie and my husband told me to get whatever I wanted not to worry about the price, so I got too many :joy:. For the top of my head I can tell you that I bought Liam, coco malu, twin A and B, one if Cassie Brace I forget her name, James, 2 Marisa winter minies, I got more but I already forgot :joy: I’ll be posting when I get home.


Oh Jenni I needed you in this trip. I went crazy and went $30 over my budget. :grin: I have to get reborning.


Aww. You are so sweet. Sorry I just saw this. :blush: I told you is hard for me to keep up with everything lol
We had a great time. We loved meeting you, Gladys and your husband. You are so kind. It was a surreal experience for me. We can’t wait to see you again ether. I was so exited to see the store and shop, but meeting you was the high light of our trip. :hugs::kissing_closed_eyes:


no problem…I have a hard time keeping up with social media too…LOL
See you soon I hope!!!