McPherson store


Wow what an awesome surprise


Very nice get the VIP treatment.:heart_eyes:


It is a good suggestions


He is awesome. He said is my birthday and Valentine’s gift.


@MacPhersonCrafts That is so awesome of you Brenda!


LOL…well we can have a lot of fun looking at the kits etc.
Make sure you figure out what time as I am normally away on Saturday but I will make sure I am here


My husband and I stopped in on our way from Georgia to Toronto a few years ago. Had a fun time with Brenda and “the girls.” You can buy anything you need in the way of reborning. I think we spent well over an hour there. They are very accommodating. It’s located in a very old, charming building. You will have a lot of fun.



We should be there at 12. We plan to be there earlier, but dont want you to wait if something comes up on the way there that delays us. My daughter started jumping of exitment when I told her everything. We are putting together a list of kits, which I’ll be sending you tonight. :blush: so far I have a list of 7 kits. I would be purchasing more stuff.

Thank you again. I can’t wait :hugs:


Wow! that was a long roude trip. I’m coming from Jersey and we are already planing where we would be stopping to eat and sleep. I have seen pictures and it looks like the cutes place. I’m so exited. Brenda is the sweetest. I can’t wait to meet her.


wow! what a wonderful surprise! I am so happy for you and your daughter. Have fun! Your husband sounds really nice.


He is amazing.:heart_eyes:He loves reborns too, so he is exited for our trip as much as we are.


I’m so happy for you, what a wonderful trip you are going to have!! Have fun!!


Thanks. Isn’t Benda amazing. I was happy just with visiting the store, but now we are ecstatic.


Brenda has always been awesome in all of my encounters with her at MacPherson’s. Hope you will take some pictures to share with the BB forum members!


What an awesome gift!! I talked my husband into letting me buy Evangeline Eagles kit from @avyona for my Valentines/Birthday gift. When is your birthday? Mine is February 25th.


Yes I will


My birthday was the 9th. My husbands birthday is the 2. He got me concert tickets for the 22 and this trip. I wonder if I have to buy him that sport car he wants for his birthday now :smile:


hey I will be here waiting for you on Saturday!!!


Happy belated Birthday!! Enjoy your trip and shopping spree!!