McPherson store


I’m planing to go to the Macpherson crafts this week. Can someone tell me if they sell kits at the store. :grin: I know they have all types of craft supplies, bodies, mohair, etc, even reborns, but do they sell blank kits at the store?


@MacPhersonCrafts :slight_smile:
I hope you have a fun time Merari


Enjoy, that should be a nice trip. I have no idea about store contents, maybe someone else will chime in.


Thanks. My husband just told me he planed to take me as a Valentine’s surprise gift. He just told me because I was about to make an order. He told me to check if I can just buy all I want over there. I’m so exited except for the 8 he drive :grin:


I’m so exited. You can see the store here


I’m not sure, but I did have a friend pick up rooting needles from them while she was up that way. I’ve never been myself though


As far as I know you can buy supplies at store but Brenda will be back to you . I hope your Husband bringing his Credit card :smile: Double check he doesn’t forgets it …you are going to see many things .
Enjoy your trip , a road trip is always good especially if you have enough time to stop to enjoy some places .


It is my dream to go there one day!


Thanks! I’ll make sure he brings his card :laughing: we love round trips. We would be leaving on Friday night and staying where the night gets us. We would come back on Monday.


We use to staying around the falls for long weekend once a year, but since I started reborming we haven’t taken a trip to Canada, so I have been mentioning how much I want to go there and how close it is for the longest time. Until finally my husband came up with the sweet idea of a weekend get away with the purpose of going to the store. I think is just to make me stop talking about it.
Mi daughter is as exited as I am. He is going to regret it. :rofl:


They have some beautiful kits, and what I like is that they have limbs, torsos, etc.available always.


I am not sure if they sell kits in the Physical store. @MacPhersonCrafts, Brenda is there kits there?


Perhaps call and ask ?


Thank you for tagging me!!!
WE have all of the supplies to do your reborning in the physical store at 91 Queen Street East but the kits are not something we can display well to the general public so we keep all of our kits in a warehouse across the road. I am very glad I read this as Monday to Friday we have a approximately 10 staff working in both buildings but on Saturday we only have one person running the shop. The hours we are open is 10 to 5 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday The trip from Niagara will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to St Marys. Let me know what time you will be here and I will make sure I meet you and Gladys can take you on the tour through the warehouse part. Please send us a list of what kits you want to look at so we can dig them out in advance. Otherwise it will be a long wait for her to sort through the list. hUgs Brenda XOXOOX
PS go to our Help Desk mcurbelo and let me know what time you will arrive and maybe your kit list you want to see. put attention Brenda


HAVe fun!! Don’t forget to share pics of your haul! I’d go nuts if the store sold kits




Omg Brenda @MacPhersonCrafts you are amazing thanks.


Omg! I was planing to buy maybe 2 kits and some supplies that I need, but my husband just tall me that he would give me $500 to spend. :scream: I’m so exited. My daughter is going to die.
Now what kits should I get?!?!??!! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
I’m still taking my credit card :grin:


Ask about placing an order and pick it up when you get there.


Keep in mind any preorders that you want or ones that will come out soon. I would hate for you to spend it all then a kit come out you wanted and you are out of money