Maybe I should move to London!

I just got a call from another news paper in London and they want to do a story on the Reborns and my babies -they ask for permission to use pics from my website and I sent them more also !! She said that she would send me a copy of the article !!! Seems that they really like my babies there !!!

wow so awesome!

How exciting, I cant wait to see the article!

Congratulations!!! Post the article when you get it!!!

So wounderful! You deserve this!

Totally cool! Yes… please share the article with us when you receive a copy.

How wonderful for you Cher - you have certainly earned your reputation! But, please dont’ ever leave us – where would we be? Congratulations and I can’t wait to see the article!

I will never leave !!!I love BB and I love where I live -My goal in life is not fame or fortune -but happiness and a much Greater goal of meeting my Lord and savior -So "making it big is not my goal at all but I sure do want to make “Those kinda Babies !!!” And will always keep working on this Wonderful art !!!

thank goodness i just found you and would hate to loose you now! but on the serious side i am so happy for you, you deserve to be recognized! love and appreciate you!!!

The funny part was I didnt even write down the name of the paper -just ask if she would e-mail or send me a copy and she said yes -I hope she does a fair depiction of REAL reborners and not just try and make us out to be nut jobs -and crazy barren women who cant have real babies so make pretend ones -but well see !!!

Cher, this is fantabulous! Makes me want to sing “It’s A Small World, After All!” You can add to your name, “World Renowned Artist,” or “Globally Acclaimed!” Now you’ll be rich and famous! And no, you cannot move to London! (I hear it’s gray and dreary.) Please let us see the article when it comes out in publication! Congrats!

Your so funny !!! As soon as I get it Ill post it here !!!