Maya by Olga Auer BooBoo Kit F/s or Trade


I have a Maya by Olga Auer - looking to trade or sell. She is has COA, a low number 62/700, but she was mailed to me in an orange bag and some of the orange transferred to the vinyl- I have attempted to clean but still a bit left- I would think with painting it would become less noticeable. I will sell $89 plus ship or trade for another sold out kit- can also be “not perfect”. This kit has not been painted and smoke-free


Mailed in an orange bag. :open_mouth:


Yes I was not too happy- but some people don’t know- if I keep her It’s not that bad- easy to paint over.


Where is the orange? All over or just one spot? Could you do red and yellow washes to get it all the same color and then add blue washes to make it more flesh?


I’m not trying to come off rude or anything but why is she so costly? Her original price was under $80. I know she sold out but how long has she been sold out and she has a boo boos. Is it picture or is the orange on her cheek and leg? They probably can be “hidden”.


I guess the price is all in perspective- $89 is not that much for a kit that is sold out.


Is she still available?


Definitely interested if so!


The post is 4 years old.


Sorry didn’t know!


Hope you find the kit!


I know everytime this happens… you lovingly think of me @Pia :joy::kiss:


Oh long gone- sorry guys :slight_smile: