May I see your Kameko please?

Shes on sale today and Im thinking of grabbing her, but putting her on a smaller body. Her features scream “preemie” to me.

Has anyone put her on a smaller body or do you think shed look misproportioned. Im looking at body #5815, which is 2in smaller than her recommended body.


Thank you Simone, i just love her little face. Do you remember which body you have her on?

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Here is my Kameko…!!


My Kameko WIP

this hair is going to take me forever


Here is a pic of my kameko I did her years ago! She is so red!


I love her hair. she has the cutest little face

I I’m new to reborning in the sense of getting away from the fantasy and character types dolls I’ve been doing, and trying to do more realistic babies. Over the past few weeks and with the wonderful black Friday and cyber Monday sales I’ve probably ordered like 30 or so kits at least, about 1/2 BB and 1/2 from various other sites. Some of them I know I won’t be able to pull off at the moment , but they were good prices and I didn’t want look back and kick myself wishing I had gotten them when I could. Those I’ll put away for later, and Kameko may be one of those. I wanted her specifically to try out my Asian Baby tutorial. I didn’t get the Kate kit, but hopefully I’ll be able to learn more on some of the others. I tried to pick ones that had expressive faces and more detailing.

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Here’s the Kameko that I did for my Mom last year for Christmas:

And the other I did for a friend who adopted a little girl from China:


That was my first kit. :slight_smile:

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I did her with other limbs because I thought the ones she came with were too long. The new limbs made her small newborn/preemie size. I think they were from an 18 inch baby.

I took pics as both a girl and a boy.


Oh she & he are both adorable. I can hardly wait for mine to get here. You know I didn’t even think about the idea of getting smaller limbs, but that makes sense if I’m going to put here on a smaller body.


Oh my gosh, I LOVE Kameko with smaller limbs!

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Beautiful work! I love this baby!

Thank you Pia, Karen, Kim, and DanceswithDolls.

My Kameko came in the mail yesterday and shes even cuter in person.

@jubileej i’m going to follow your lead, and try to find her some smaller limbs. I’d seen leah/lane limbs in the store and thought those might work, but i tried her with their limbs here at home and it didn’t look good. Kameko has a really short and squaty neck and the skinny little leah/lane limbs were very disproportioned with her head. I’ll have to find limbs that are shorter and a bit more chunky.

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Newby question.
I didnt like the Kimiko BB photo im not crazy about the really puffiness under eyes but really want to do all the asian babies as 2 of my little grand daughters are Chinese.
How did some of you that put up these photos minimize the puffiness under eye spots? it really looks cuter when smoother to me.
By the way all these photos of this doll make it look pretty cute.I might reconcider it.
Fly …your hair on yours is adorable!!