Max ends tonight and Samiah is listed


Twin Samiah newly listed: … :MESELX:IT

Wish me luck


Your Samiah is gorgeous! BOL with both of their auctions.


They are tooooooooo cute. Where is that dang money tree when ya need it

Best of Luck on your auctions.


I want them both but sadly I am still paying on my Angalina! BOL on your auctions.


They are both adorable! BOL!


They are both gorgeous! BOL!


Oh wow they are TDF!!


They are absolutely beautiful! I hope they sell well for you!


Thank you very much ladies, I am hoping I get a decent sale.


I think your rooting skills are gorgeous! Thank you for the compliment anyway.
Your babies are so beautiful and growing so fast


They are both beautiful…best of luck on ebay…


They are both just perfect…can you end their auctions while I go rob a bank please???


They are both beautiful babies. BOL


Thank you Susie, Sherbug and Kim.

Sure Kim I am going to go and do it right now, I will be right back


They are both gorgeous, Bol on their auctions.

  Hugs Tina


Poor Max didnt sell

It is hard to not have a sale when for the last three months all of them have been adopted by mommies that love them.

If only I had a baby making machine that could make 2 or 3 every week or so I am just so slow, I am lucky I have one done every three weeks.


Gorgeous! Your babies are TDF!


Totally gorgeous!


Thank you GG and Tracey


Lisa, thank you