Matte varnish Before Painting?


Does anyone us a clear base layer or primer before the first paint layer?

I uase a mix of Decoart soft touch and Decoart matte varnish at the end, but I wonder if using it first could help prevent the vinyl from absorbing so much of the paint.

I paint with GHSP, so I’d be baking the varnish.


I use ghsp also and I have premixed matte varnish with odorless mineral spirits to prime the vinyl after I wash it and before I start painting. Since I mix it with some thinner it doesn’t have the rough gritty texture but still allows the paint to adhere to the vinyl


Thank you! I’ll try it that way. :slight_smile:


I’m so glad you asked this and I was also wondering is Thinning Med would work as well :slight_smile:


Do you bake the Decoart final coat? Haven’t used that product yet although Amazon finally sent me the ultra matt. I got a bunch of unprotected babies & plan to finish-seal-them with NO baking. I don’t want to disassemble the glass beads!! Thanks for the help!!


I have used deco art for this same reason, works great.


Thanks, Nikki


@grandian And no baking! I also use it for touch ups on shiny spots :slight_smile: