Matching Limbs

I bought 2 Luca heads and was wondering what BB limbs would match her ? I thought Kyle ?Any suggestions?

Not sure its pretty large.

I think that Kyle’s (Kendal’s, Amber’s, Chrisy’s…they’re the same) are too big for the Luca head…I would try maybe Denise Pratt limbs for Avery…I think the size is right, and they are nicely detailed. Maybe some of the other ladies will have other suggestions!
Hugs, Barb

Luca is not as chubby of a face as the heads that go with the Avery limbs. Kyle limbs are for a 22" baby and that is too large for this head. I think the larger open hands on the Avery limbs might be a bit overpowering for Luca as well. I would go with a bit slimmer limbs that make a 20" baby.

I have seen lots of Luca heads matched with the Robin Stoete limbs from D o l l d r e a m s.

Here is a couple: … MG4092.jpg … ylor–.jpg

Thanks Girls and Angie those pictures were beautiful and a lot of help.