Match a kit?

This is my monkey-bugg, Kicker. What kit could he match?

…Okay, I’m just kidding about the last one…even though he does kinda look like him.

He’s so cute!!! I want to find doll eyes the color of his eyes.

I have no idea on a kit though.

Sorry no help with a kit, but what a cute little bub he is

Thanks y’all. Yea, he looks just like my dad lol.

Here are the eyes that match his. They are expensive but match: … ucts_id=14

If you want some cheaper, these are really close also. I have used them before and they do not look exactly like the pic on the site. They are closer to my son’s eyes. (They photoshop their eyes):

I was thinking maybe Joel by Rolanda Heimer? He kind of makes a face like that sometimes.
? … PRICE.html

Well, I don’t see it. Joel looks different to me. I think your cutie would have to be mad to look like that.
Thanks for the eye match! I didn’t expect you to have a source! Lol. I’m going to go look!

I think Timothy by Adrie looks like him He is just precious! Give him a hug from me.

You hit the nail on the head!!! Timothy for sure!!

I think he also resembles

i think close to tinha kewy wide eyed wonder is close but might be hard to find

here is one i am working on, unfinished




Those are some really cute kits y’all chose! Yea, now that I look at Joel his nose is too wide and he’s a little mad looking lol, still cute though. I want to have reborns done of both of my sons. I need to have something to help me remember their sweetest ages. I’m really gonna have a time when they are teens…whoooo the are only 18 months apart.