Marilyn's Pictures

Here is my little baby, that I saved from the big bad oven. I think she turned out great, and I hope her new mommy won’t mind that she has a little bump on her head. Going with the whole just born kinda look.
Hope you like her! She will be off to Ebay tonight.

She’s adorable, bump & all. Wishing you bol on ebay.


She’s very cute! BOL with her auction.

She is really cute! I love her hair too!

Thank you! I just finished writing her auction, so I’ll probably just put her on tonight. I can’t find her numbered card, though…bummer.

beautiful little baby

She’s adorable. I think the “bump” adds to her new look. Good luck with the auction!

She is beautiful,bol on her auction. I love her hair and her swirl.

   Hugs Tina

She is beautiful - I love her hair